06 Agustus 2011

"Project U" Color Test Page

Just a quick update. I received the color test page for Project U just now. Somehow I think that something is still off with this test page. The color ambience doesn't have that chemistry or connection to the feel of the overall scene. But I decided to post it here for you all to see. Anyway, comments are much appreciated and I welcome your suggestions.

Something's Still Not Right:\

2 komentar:

  1. wow very clean drawing, and i do like the style, It's like your own version of Marvel's. My concern is for the backgrounds, did you make them blurry on purpose? Looks neat though. If you plan to publish this in Indonesia, it will be awesome. I'm kinda disappointed that manga rules most of the comic stocks here. Wish you luck!

  2. Hello LJ, thankyou for your comment. Yes, I plan to publish it in Indonesia. Hopefully I can find a local publisher who's interested because I heard they're not very into local comics, let alone full color. If not then I'll try to submit it to Dark Horse or Image. As for the background, I haven't finalized it yet since there are several drawing & coloring styles. I will upload more progress updates next week. Anyway thanks for the feedback, it's very much appreciated:)