24 September 2011

"Project U" Page 2 (Color Version)

As promised, here is the color version of the same page as the last post.

Jakarta people will definitely recognize the references in this page:)

21 September 2011

"Project U" Page 2 (Pencil Version)

Last night I received an update from the artist. It is the first 2 pages of the comic. Attached below is the pencil version of page 2. I will upload more this weekend as the color version becomes available.

For those who don't know, it is the National Monument

08 September 2011

"Project U" Storyboard

Today I got the comic storyboard from the artist. Apparently, it has grown from 24 pages to 38 pages long. Now I have to think of how to trim it to less than 35 pages, preferably 32 pages.

Draft Storyboard

07 September 2011

"Project U" Costume Design

Another quick update on the comic project. This time I upload the costume design for the lead female character in preview issue #0.

The shoes still need to be tweaked;)