29 April 2011

Blackberry Playbook Bugs

It's been a long time since my last blog entry, which is more than a year already!!! Anyway, this morning I just received my shiny Blackberry Playbook imported from US through eBay. I played with it straightaway, of course! After went through some initial setup I found out that the wifi is quite buggy. It took me more than 5 attempts to register with my access point, which works with all of my other stuffs (my laptop, Xbox 360, iPad, even my Blackberry Torch). Then it threw me a Blackberry ID agreement page, which I struggled for quite some time to get through it since it frequently lost the Internet connection.

This is where things got interesting. I turned off the Playbook and switched it back on. I thought that I'd just redo the whole setup thing from scratch while restarting my access point to get a fresh start. Once I switched it back on, the screen went like below screenshots.

As you see, the screen got the burn-in/ghosting of the previous images. I finally managed to went through all the setup & tutorial. The Playbook is now functional (everything works), but the screen color & burn-in/ghosting thing remains. I even tried to do the hard reset (hold volume up, down, & power button for 10 seconds) and security wipe but to no avail. If only I can do battery pull then it will refresh the screen to normal, but there is no such way to do that:(

I googled everywhere and searched forums like Crackberry, Blackberry Rocks, etc but I couldn't find any solution. It seems that it's only me who suffers from this problem. So here I am, stuck with the malfunctioned screen and I'm in Australia. All I can do is hope that RIM will release a way to solve this problem.