19 Juni 2011

"Project U" Thumbnails

Just a small update on the progress of my comic. This week I received the rough thumbnails of the first volume. After some revisions, the artist came back with clean thumbnails to be used as test page. Here I upload one of the thumbnail for each version, rough & clean.

Rough thumbnail

 Clean thumbnail

11 Juni 2011

Comic Project Begins

Heya fellows! It's been quite some times since my last update. As you might have read from my previous post that I've finished my screenplay. The thing is, finding a producer or director who's interested in my (an unknown writer) script is not an easy task. Couple this with the fact that my script requires a huge investment (a lot of scenes need special FX) and the current condition of our local film industry, I'm sure Indonesia is not a good place to start. I guess my script was born in the wrong time and at the wrong place.

Then I started to look for other media to deliver my story. The cheapest one would be rewriting my screenplay into a novel. But with a full-time job in a company with no relation whatsoever to arts (let alone fine arts) as well as having no talent in writing a novel, finally I resort to comic medium. From the cost viewpoint, it is more efficient than producing a feature film, that's for sure. But comic is not cheap to produce too. However, I already told myself since last year that "No matter what, I have to tell my story to the world!"

So, I shop around for local comic artist and I stumbled on a studio called Caravan. To cut things short, I've met the studio head (a nice bloke) and also seen some of their works (including the working environment). I decided to hire their service to realize my vision. I designate this project with a codename "U". Thus, this week is the starting point and I hope within the next one or two months the first volume will be ready. Wish me luck!!!^_^