03 Agustus 2011

PAGE Awards Script Notes

This morning I got an email from PAGE Awards regarding the judge feedback on my screenplay. FYI, I entered my drama script last May for PAGE International Screenwriting Awards 2011. It is my first ever screenplay and the script I entered is the second draft so I know there is still a lot of stuffs to be improved, but since the submission deadline is very tight I decided to enter it anyway.

I decided to share the judge's feedback on my script for all of you to read. I know it's a FAIL (55 out of 100), but it motivates me to keep rewriting and improving my storytelling skill. Also by entering the competition, I got the feedback from Hollywood's associate producer and script supervisor, who has worked on the projects by Warner Bros, Disney, New Line, Paramount, MGM, United Artists, and Fox. I also attach a feedback from a script doctor named Eric (not related to PAGE Awards) and since his feedback is very constructive, I also share it here for all of you to read.

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