01 November 2011

"Project U" Page 8 Color Version

This morning I received quite a number of progress updates on my comic. Attached is the color version of page 8. As usual, feel free to comment:)

I think black underwear is more appropriate in this situation:)

3 komentar:

  1. Sdh lama tidak berkunjung :) everything looks so nice already! Agree, black underwear lbh cocok hehe rencanany kpn di-publish? soon?

  2. Hehehe thanks for revisiting Jen:) Rencananya sih mungkin pertengahan tahun depan baru dipublish. Soalnya harus nabung beberapa issue dulu supaya bisa ngejer jadwal terbit bulanan.

  3. Ic.. Can't wait to read the first issue =)